cropped-alwine.jpgLife is too short to have bad wine, plain food, a home that isn’t your style and no adventures.  As a small child a fond memory I have is being given the cork at dinner, either at home or out at a restaurant.  My curiosity and soon-to-be love of wine began at a young age of 15 years old. My family has always been a tad “European” — late dinners, lively conversations and, of course, wine. My sister, brother and I were always allowed to take a sip of wine. One Mothers Day, my Grandfather decided to have me sip an Oregon Pinot Noir and ask me what I thought. There, my interest and love for the mysterious grape in the bottle began. Being a young wine lover, buying expensive wines was just not in the cards for me. So there I started my journey of finding great wines that wouldn’t burn a hole in my wallet.

Fast forward to today. I am happily married to a converted wine lover, surrounded by our 4…yes 4 furry felines and live in Northern Virginia in our first house that we bought in 2013.  Owning a house is great. It is our canvass to do what we want and create a living space that makes us happy and reflects who we are. I have always loved doing projects, and I didn’t waste any time once we bought our house. The day we signed and closed we were in painting right away! Some may find it scary to take on a project, especially when hiring a professional is so much easier. But the feeling of creating something or doing something as simple as installing a disposal is a wonderful and sometimes liberating feeling.

Food. We love food. Heck, you kind of need it to survive so why not enjoy the process of cooking! We cook at home most every night and entertain often. Coming up with menus whether for the week or for a party is a blast. Always much better with a glass of wine. I do not like dinner without wine. Frankly, I don’t feel right if I don’t have a glass wine while I’m cooking dinner either. Food and wine are just a wonderful pair. I have some favorite family recipes, go-to recipes from well-known chefs and some creations of my own to share.

Wine, food and DIY projects can be intimidating. They don’t have to be. This goes for all three, if you know what you like, you’re already ahead. So grab a glass of wine and enjoy this reflection of my love for wine, DIY projects, and food!

If you live in the DMV, check out my articles on Budget wine on Examiner.com!

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