Whole Foods: A Whole Lotta Good Deals


I love a lot of things at Whole Foods, but the prices don’t always make me smile. The wines that Whole Foods features, however, always make me smile. The key with buying wine at Whole Foods is ONLY buying wine that is featured (head for the middle of the store). They always seem to have a good selection and the prices are pretty decent. Heading into the actual wine section can be frustrating. Prices are a bit steep and let’s be honest, sometimes having wines picked out for you is just nice. I have found some of my favorite wines while scouring Whole Foods’ featured wines. I wrote about one on Examiner.com recently. Click here for the link.

rubusAnother great wine that was featured recently is Rubus Old Vine Zinfandel which hails from Lodi California. Ruby red in color, ripe red fruit with spice on the nose. A bit of cherry, cedar and cinnamon on the palate. Black pepper can be detected on the finish. Smooth and pleasant, this wine is a new favorite. The price? $11.99.

Next time you are at Whole Foods, before you experience cheese sticker shock, check out the wines near the salad bar. Maybe you will find a new favorite!


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