King Family Winery

Hi folks and welcome to the new home for my blog, The Wandering Blonde Wineo. 10 years ago (gosh time flies) I started this blog. The moment I was 21 I began writing about wines that were tasty yet affordable. To this day, I still believe that you don’t have to spend a ton of money on a great bottle of wine. However, I don’t mind spending a bit more on certain bottles for special occasions. Maybe that is because I’m older…

I will continue to write about wines on the cheap, wines that I just think are wonderful, and local wineries that I visit. Obviously, wine and food come as a pair. I will be writing about family recipes, made up recipes and recipes I have found that are stellar.

I’m also adding a new twist the the Wandering Blonde Wineo: DIY projects or as my husband likes to call it the “D- I -WINEO”. There is something so satisfying not having to hire a contractor to do a project in your home and finishing the project and being able to say “I did that!” I also am human and like to save a little money when I can. So if there is a project I can do, even if it means enlisting my father to help out, then I’m all in!

So grab a glass of wine and enjoy!


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