Kangaroo Sliders and Wine

Just Voted! 

A few weeks ago after voting in Virginia, my husband and I decided that going to happy hour would be a fun way to cap off exercising our right to vote. It is amazing how we can come up with lists of restaurants and bars that we want to go to, yet when we are out and trying to think of a place to go, without fail….we never can think of a place to go. However, on this particular day, we remembered a new restaurant that had recently opened in Clarendon. It also happens to be owned by a cast member from the Real Housewives of Potomac. I had to watch a few episodes considering I grew up around this area and know Potomac very well. The owner of this establishment in Clarendon is the most likable woman on the show, someone you could actually hang out and have a glass of wine with (or Whiskey).

Ashley Darby and her husband Michael opened up an Authentic Australian restaurant in the heart of Clarendon. It is a pretty cool spot, witozh great wine, cocktails and kangaroo sliders. Check out my article on the Examiner of Oz in Clarendon and their spectacular happy hour wine prices and selection.

Where Every Happy Hour is a G’Day, Mate



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