Follow Up to Concrete Counters

Finally, the countertops have been sealed. I found a great sealer on for $25. Tuff Duck concrete countertop sealer comes in a 750ml bottle. Applying it was a breeze! All you need is a microfiber sponge or cloth and a container to soak the microfiber in the Tuff Duck.

Steps to apply sealer:

  • Use a container or paper plate and pour generous amount of sealer, soak cloth or sponge. First coat needs to be spread in one direction. Make sure there are no pools or streaks. You might see some white areas, those will dry clear. Let dry for an hour.
  • Soak cloth or sponge again. Next coat is done at a 90 degree angle. So first coat was horizontal and second coat was vertical. Again make sure no pools of white are left.


The sealer dried a little darker, but I was actually hoping for that! The outcome was great! Every 2-3 years the sealer needs to be applied.




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