It’s summertime which means it’s Rose time! 

We’ve made it through the 20 plus days of gloomy rainy and chilly days. Suddenly, it’s hot. Not warm, hot. I am not going to complain… yet. However, I am not a fan of a short Spring and jumping right into summer. With that said, the weather is pretty typical for this upcoming Memorial Day weekend – hot, slight humidity and a chance of a t-storm every day. This weather is rose drinking weather. There is nothing better than opening a chilled bottle of rose on a hot summer day/evening and sipping on a few glasses. If I were going to be completely honest, I would tell you that as much as I don’t like to be put in the category of seasonal wine drinkers, I really am only seasonal with rose wine. But I still have my reds on a hot evening and I’m always happy with it! 

Lee and I have a “go to” summer rose that we are obsessed with and pretty much stick to drinking that all summer. My grandfather (it always seems to go back to him) turned us on to it years ago, JL Quinson Cotes de Provence Rosé, 2012 We recently tried a Cuvee rose that wow’d both of us and really turned out to be a pleasant rose. Jeio Cuvee Rose. 

Let’s start with the sparkling rose, Jeio which hails from Veneto Italy. Rose’s differ from color based on how long the skins were left on. The paler the rose, the least amount of time the skins had contact. This particular rose was a very nice pale to brilliant pink. Fresh fruit and citrus can be detected on the nose. Sip this bubbly and get ready for a crisp and lightly acidic rose that had subtle red fruit characteristics. Dry with a nice long finish. This wine can be found here for $18.99. 

Now on to our summer standard, JL Quinson Cotes de Provence Rosé, 2012. 

It’s really the perfect rose from France. It is dry, acidic, but well balanced with nice fruit notes. Not sweet at all. This isn’t white zin folks, this is a rose from Provence. It is meant to be dry, showing fruit, but not sweet. Find this wine resting in the Trader Joe’s shelf at a measly $7.99. You just can’t beat that price for a very true to French rose. 
Two very different roses, but both perfect for this summer weather! One gives you bubbles, while the other makes you daydream about sitting in the South of France during the summer sipping on a wonderful crisp rose. I’ll cheers to that! 


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