Exit Garden, Enter Bar!


Having outdoor space is a big deal. Before Lee and I moved to our house, we lived in apartments. Wonderful locations, great prices, but no outdoor space. I was thrilled when we bought our house – we have a small front yard garden, a garden on the side of the house, a patio, and of course, our deck. We have made our deck an additional room to our house and use it pretty much everyday. Our patio, not so much. It is all the way downstairs….it doesn’t get much sun and well it’s kind of boring out there. Let’s be honest, our deck is so relaxing and comfortable, being out on the patio is kind of unexciting.

Our patio has one purpose; Entertaining space. Chances of me laying out on the patio for sun and relaxation are slim, but using it as a fun extra entertaining space is just what it is meant for. When we bought the house the backyard had two planters (hideous stone) and a corner “garden”. I say “garden” because we don’t get much sun out back and nothing was really in this said “garden”. My father and I built an L shaped bench on that “garden”. It was a first time bench project and we would probably do things differently the next time around. Yes, we are going to rebuild it….with pallets. Stay tuned for that fun project!

I then took on the what seemed like an easy task of taking one of the not so nice looking planters down. Easy enough, right? Do you know how hard it is to take stone planters a part? It is a back aching task. I did it. Well, I did it down to the brick. There was a border of stone still showing but super hard to get up. So I left it and used that as a low laying “garden”. I planted a rhododendron bush… it died pretty quickly. So there laid a mud pit with a dead bush. One party, I literally put a table on top of that “garden” and used that as the bar area, which sparked an idea. Why not build a bar in place of this mud pit?!

Fast forward a year (some ideas and projects take a back seat) to the year of pallets. They’re cheap (free) and rustic looking. Checking out Pinterest, I saw a few Pins where people used two pallets to make a bar. Simple looking, yet functional. Two of my favorite things! First task, removing the remaining stones that I left surrounding the “garden”. Now comes in Lee. I know, to anyone who knows us well, Lee isn’t a fan of actually doing the projects. He is more of a supporter/always happy with the outcome kind of guy. But this particular project he was hands on!  Conveniently, we had two pallets sitting in our, well let’s just call it the soon to be “office” which is yet another project. We decided to take the pallets out back and spray paint them blue. Lee was a big help spray painting, in fact I think he enjoyed it, but he was horrified when he blew his nose and it was blue. Ah comedy.

Here is a bit more credit thrown at my wonderful husband who took it upon himself to help me with the hard stuff. My back was killing me and he decided to dig all the stones  out and help remove the dirt. Huge help, extra points for the husband! The next task was buying brick to cover the dirt area. The bricks ran $0.38 a brick. Not too bad. We guessed we needed 20…we were wrong. Perks of living across the street from a Home Depot, running back constantly. It took about 40 bricks to cover the area. Flattening the area was a tough task and also making them fit with the current bricks was a tad challenging. Laying the bricks was to my surprise, fun. (However, it was the first really humid week. So THAT wasn’t so fun.)


Once the bricks were laid, I placed the pallets against the fence and made sure they were flat and even. Using plastic clear ties, I tied the back pallet to the fence and then the front second pallet to the back one. Very sturdy and you can’t see the ties at all.

For the top of the bar, I used 12″ x 12″ stone pavers. They are heavy enough that just placing them on top of the pallets is fine. They won’t be coming off!


It really is an easy bar to make, as long as you don’t have to rip a garden and stones out and then brick the area. It is amazing how easy it is to make a boring patio look spiffy by using pallets and spray paint!


2 pallets

3-4 cans spray paint

4-6 clear ties

4 12″ x 12″ stone pavers




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