Canned wine? Can do!

canned wine all 3

Wine comes in many shapes, sizes and containers. You’ve got glass bottles of all sizes, boxes, individual to go boxes (basically adult “juice” boxes minus the straw) plastic stackable wines in individual glasses, and now we have cans. Yes, you heard me, cans. Aluminum cans, like what your soda comes in, but this is way better because it’s wine.

Before I get into where I found these cans of wine, let me tell you a bit about why this is a pretty brilliant idea. Disclaimer: If you happen to be a wine snob and change is hard for you, maybe skip over this blog. Here are a few questions that you might be wondering right now:

1) How could I possibly drink wine out of a can? It is so simple, you remember how you open a diet coke? Same form, same process, but the outcome is much more enjoyable.

2) How much wine am I actually getting in a can? Funny you ask. I did a little research and by research I poured the can into two glasses. Answer: two glasses. Not as generous as I might pour out of a bottle, but you get the idea.

3) Do I have to drink it out of the can? No. But picnics are much better when you have less to lug around.

4) It’s aluminum, so it is recyclable? You get an A +! Yes, it is recyclable and much easier to carry around than some bottles or even a box!

5) Most asked question…will my wine taste cheap and/or like aluminum? No and No. Just because it is in a can doesn’t mean it is going to taste cheap. And just because it is in a can doesn’t mean you will get a touch of cherry with a hint of aluminum on the finish. Apparently, soda cans and wine cans have some special lining so you don’t taste “Al” (Aluminum).

6) Should I be adventurous and try wine in a can? Duh. Why wouldn’t you try wine in a can?

7) Finally, where on earth can I buy this said wine in a can? Where else? Trader Joe’s!

OK, enough of the questions, let’s get down to the good stuff.

Trader Joe’s is known for bringing in some fun wines. This particular wine was hanging out in the check out lane and I saw it and obviously had to buy it. It is called Underwood from Oregon. No relation to House of Cards, the amount of times I have been asked that is crazy. Union Wine Co. was started up in 2005. Union Wine Co. has a few wines you may have seen around: King Ridge (Trader Joe’s) and Alchemist (Total Wine). Underwood wine in a can is also sold in a good old glass bottle, but that is not nearly as fun as wine in a can!

The three wines I have been able to get my hands on are: Underwood Rose, Underwood Pinot Gris and Underwood Pinot Noir. All very lovely.

Rose: Pink in color which means the skins were left on a bit longer than those pale roses. I poured these into glasses so I could really swirl and sniff these wines. Aromas of strawberry take over your nose. Sipping this wine it is light and refreshing with hints of melon and strawberry. 

Pinot Gris: Pale in color with great melon aromas. Light, crisp and refreshing with hints of peach on the finish. This Pinot Gris is a perfect wine for a hot day/night.

Pinot Noir: Cherry on the nose. Light on the palate, but full of character. Cherry. chocolate and raspberries on the palate. A good summer evening wine – not heavy, but full of flavor.

The perfect summer wine for picnics, boat rides and BBQs. Embrace the wine in a can and enjoy the simplicity of it.

canned wine and grill

Head to Trader Joe’s and pick up a can for $5.99 each. Each can holds two glasses of wine, so that is basically half a bottle. Not a terrible deal!


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