A quick garden DIY

We have a nice assortment of veggies and herbs on our deck, and for the most part they are doing well. I’ve been meaning to put markers in each pot for the last few summers, but never got around to it (which is crazy, because this is the simplest DIY for your garden).

Clearly wine consumption in our household is common, which means we have an endless supply of corks. I figured corks would make a great label marker for our deck garden herbs and veggies. Corks will hold up well in the unpredictable rain showers we get during the summer. This DIY was already posted on Pinterest, however, it is so simple and really you can do it any way you want.

I used corks that had at least one blank space for writing (or the occasional blank corks) and a medium length wooden skewer. It was surprisingly easy to stick the skewers into the corks, so no need to pre make the hole. Write the name of each herb or veggie on each cork (with a permanent marker) and stick them in the pots.

A simple and cheap DIY project that adds a little character to your garden


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