Charlottesville Take 2

pippin hill 4

This is a follow up to my most recent post about revisiting Charlottesville. Let me just say, I am in love with Charlottesville. It is a beautiful part of Virginia and full of rich history and wine, of course.

Last weekend we headed down to Charlottesville to celebrate two wonderful people getting married. Before getting ready for the wedding we made a stop at Thomas Jefferson’s iconic home, Monticello. Now, if you don’t already know, my whole family loves history. Growing up my aunt used to quiz us before and after visiting a historical site. My mother would make any trip we took a historical experience. We grew up loving history and wanting to always know more. So it was pretty great going back to Monticello after 20 years!

Visiting Charlottesville and making a stop at TJ’s home is a must. I’d also add to that list a place my husband insisted we go for lunch, Michie Tavern. Apparently as a child heading down south for vacation, my husband and his family would stop there for lunch. Now I know why. Seriously great fried chicken, gazpacho (Mom, yours is still the best) and corn bread. It was a nice historical themed place to go after visiting Monticello. #keepingithistorical

Fast forwardpippin hill 2 to the wonderful wedding. Right before heading to the wedding venue there was a horrible rain storm. I’m talking a raining sideways storm. No Bueno, considering the wedding was to be held outside at a vineyard. Thankfully Mother Nature did her thing and postponed the later rain in time for the ceremony and reception. The background for the ceremony was breathtaking, as the clouds separated and moved along the mountains in the distance (shades of the Highlands), vines lining the hills, it was the perfect backdrop.

pippin hill 6

Pippin Hill Farm and Vineyard was where the festivities took place. I was thrilled because I’ve had Pippin Hill on my list for some time now. I’m not sure how to phrase this, the wines we were able to taste were everything I wanted them to be! It was hot and a bit humid, so the Chardonnay was my go to. It was just how I like Virginia Chardonnays to be. Bold with pear and apple and a tiny bit of toast.

The other wines that were being poured were great too! They had their Zero White wine, which is perfect for the non-chard fans. Floral, citrus and crisp. Perfect summer sipping wine.

Then came the bubbles. Oh how I love bubbles! The dry sparkling Rose was mouth-watering and something I could seriously drink all the time. It was full of strawberry and raspberry with a touch of watermelon. Dangerously easy to sip.

We had surf and turf for dinner and we decided to have the red to accompany the lobster and filet. Cabernet franc from Virginia is awesome. My husband and I have a love for the tobacco influence in the wine as well as the wonderful fruit. This particular cab franc had the tobacco with plum and cherry. The tasting notes say roasted red pepper, and I’ll be damned if I didn’t get that roasted red pepper. It was an awesome red.

Bottom line, this is a winery that is certainly at the top of my list and we will be revisiting Pippin Hill. However, I may need to buy that sparkling rose sooner than later. It was that good!


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