Cat Wine (yes, Cat Wine)

cat-winePolite society has suggested drinking wine alone is something to be frowned upon. My husband’s schedule dictates that he frequently works late. Do you really think I am going to wait for him to get home at 10:30 to have a glass of wine? Absolutely not!! Do I feel badly that I drink wine alone when my husband works late? Not in the least. However, some folks do feel badly about it. Which is why Cat Wine was created. Because if my cats are consuming “wine” with me then I am not drinking alone. Problem solved. Or is it?

I love our vet practice (Nova Cat Clinic). They’re all nice people and they put up with our ill-behaved felines (So sorry!). Recently while picking up special rabbit, duck and venison food for one of our cats (long story) I noticed they now carry Cat Wine. Obviously I had to buy it. Not even sure how much it cost and I didn’t really care; it was a means to and end. Drinking wine with my cats meant no more sipping alone until another human gets home.

It was Friday night. Pizza was in the oven and I poured myself a red blend (Cocobon Trader Joe’s $7). Finding a glass for a cat to drink out of was challenging. Our wine glasses are deep and, as much as our cats like to try to stick their heads into small openings (and as much as it makes me laugh to see them do this), breaking another wine glass was not something I was eager to see and to clean up. I chose a short martini glass, wide mouth, easy access. By the way the Cat Wine is basically beet juice and cat nip. Liquid cat nip — I had one cat on my mind. Julep was getting cat nip drunk that night! Hoping it would work so we could go ONE evening without a crazed cat running around our house. I sat on the floor with my glass of wine and poured the Cat Wine into the martini glass. I felt slightly pathetic sipping my wine and waiting for one of our furry creatures to realize that I was giving them the gift of liquid cat nip. In the name of an experiment, I had to do it.

The cats showed interest. Macbeth smelled and walked away, Maddy did the same thing. Julep smelled walked away, then came back. She did this probably 8 times. It was a roaring Friday evening. Finally Macbeth, the gentleman he is, came over for a lick. At last! I could drink with a cat. One lick and he walked away. It figures, our cats are as picky as a 5 year old.

Finally a taste! 

Will I try Cat Wine again with my furry creatures? Maybe. Will I continue to have a glass of wine sans husband or any human in my house? Duh. I don’t care what society says. They can judge me all they want. I care more about the fact that my cats judge me on a daily basis, especially the night I tried to get them to drink Cat Wine.


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