1,000 Stories

It’s been a little while since I posted last. But have no fear, I have been tasting plenty of wines and taking notes. It appears the days of 80 plus degrees might be over soon, the last sips of Rose have been sipped, pumpkins and spiced lattes are all over the place. This means it is time to dive into some Autumn friendly red wine.

As I have stated multiple times, I am not a seasonal wine drinker (except, for maybe Rose). I will still drink reds all through the summer, regardless of how beastly hot it is. However, I get more excited for reds during the Fall due to the amazing fall fare that pairs so well with heavy bold reds.

Let’s cut to the chase, Zinfandels are a favorite for Fall sipping. Pepper, spice and cloves just scream FALL. I like pairing them with stews, grilled meats and heavy based tomato dishes.

1000-stories-2One that caught our eye recently was 1,000 Stories Bourbon Barrel Aged Zinfandel from California. I like bourbon anything, wine aged in a bourbon barrel is just a plus and it does add quite the finish. Intrigued, we decided we needed to try it. The nose was exactly what I wanted it to be. Have you ever been in the mood for that specific wine? You want the berry and the spice notes, yet smooth as butter? This wine had just what I wanted. Ripe raspberry on the nose with hints of black pepper. Sipping this wine we were slammed with dark fruits and spices. Smooth on the palate and long lasting on the finish.

Great for sipping, but even better paired with some grilled pork chops. This is a great wine for chilly crisp evenings. Pair with favorite Autumn dishes, like chili, grilled meats and roasted veggies. Total Wine & More carries this for around $17.99. We bought it at Safeway on sale for $14.

A little background on the name of the wine. The wine label is of a big American Bison. The buffalo population in 1906 was 1,000. Since then it has grown significantly due to the conservation efforts by the American Bison Society, which started in the early 1900’s.  Teddy Roosevelt led the way in the conservation of these great American Bison. In 2005 the Wildlife Conservation Society re-launched American Bison Society. 1,000 Stories supports efforts and works with Wildlife Conservation Society to develop programs and reintroduce buffalo into proper environments.

When you buy this wine know that you are helping to support a great American animal.



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