Finding Our Spot (Italian Style)

After over 3 years living in Falls Church, we have finally found “our” Italian restaurant. I’m a firm believer that when you move and settle down there are a few things you make sure you have. First thing being a grocery store. Second a place with a good wine selection, now that’s just obvious. Lastly, a good Italian restaurant. Growing up we had the Pines of Rome in Bethesda (I’m devastated it is closing within the year). It was the perfect spot to go for birthdays (many of my birthdays were spent there) or after a movie, or before the homecoming dance or just out with friends for white pizza and a carafe of red Pines wine. 

Thanks to my husband working in a business where he meets people from all walks of life with all sorts of different jobs, we were able to find “our” Italian spot. My husband came home and had me look up this Italian restaurant in Falls Church called Argia’s. I looked up the restaurant, realized it literally is a hop skip and a jump away. The menu checked out – they had amazing fresh pasta, wine and cannolis. My husband suggested we go for happy hour and then dinner. I’m not one to turn that type of evening down. 

Fast forward to date night. I have to admit, I’m like my father-in-law. I look up the menu before we go to a restaurant and pick what I will order. I guess we like to be prepared! Argia’s is located next to the Beach Shack and State Theater. We decided to sit at the bar. The bartender was great: bubbly and generally seemed happy. No one likes a grumpy bartender.

 I order the house Chardonnay. Lee ordered a Whisky sour. The house chard was good! I use the exclamation because most happy hours that feature “house” wines are really not that great. These were not crummy. Plus, they had olives at the bar and gosh I’m a sucker for olives! We ordered the mussels. Lee read they were phenomenal…. They were. We also got the calamari. I wanted to drink the marinara sauce it was that good. So far so good and I couldn’t wait for dinner

Before we ordered, we met the chef. Previous chef at Ristorante Filomena in Georgetown. He told me his gnocchi recipe and I haven’t forgotten. We ordered our dinner: Lee ordered the Bolognese, I ordered the Gnocchi con vodka with prosciutto. I paired mine with a great Montelpulciano. 

Gnocchi Con Vodka
I have one thing to say: the sauce I could have just sipped, the pasta was fluffy and so satisfying. Lee’s bolgenese was flavorful and filling.


We left clean plates. We found our spot. Good wine, affordable tasty food and wonderful owners. The atmosphere is pleasant, the location perfect, the food – I’m still drooling over it – and the wines were wonderful. I honestly want to try everything on their menu. It’s that good. 

Falls Church isn’t that far away and this place; Argia’s really is worth the visit. You’ll leave completely full and satisfied. 

*If you have tickets for a show at the State Theater you get 10 % off. 

* They’re holding a wine dinner soon

* They’re on Facebook

Go and enjoy what Argia’s has to offer, you won’t regret it. 

Oh, and try the cannolis! 



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