It’s August in the DMV and it feels like it’s 500 degrees out. When it comes to wine, the thought of drinking anything, but a cold refreshing glass makes some people cringe. I on the other hand don’t mind sipping on a red wine when it’s 100 degrees with a heat index of 110. Call me weird, but I love red wine and it goes so well with grilled meats and veggies! And I might be doing so indoors…

It’s no secret that Chateau Ste Michelle is one of my favorite wine producers. I’ve been drinking their Chardonnay and Cabernet for years. I just love Washington State wines. When I found out the wine team at Ste Michelle Estates had taken on a project creating red wines in California I was pretty excited. The winemakers put their Washington State spin on California wines. It’s really quite fascinating – the climates are different – but the way they made the wines were much like the way the make their Chateau Ste Michelle wines and the outcome was wonderful. 

The Motto collection consist of three reds, Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel and a Red Blend. Three reds that bring a lot to the table.

2013 Backbone Cabernet Sauvignon

Dark in color with notes of plum and raspberries on the nose. A touch of dark berry on the palate with a considerable amount of plum and caramel. Soft tannins with a long lasting finish that will have you reaching for more. 

2013 Unabashed Zinfandel

Zinfandel is, I think, an under-appreciated grape. I love it and think it’s great with grilled foods. This particular Zin is full of chocolate, raspberries and spice. Silky smooth finish with hints of spice that linger. 

2013 Gung Ho Red Blend 

I LOVE blends. They’re my “go to” wine. I can’t help but grab one when I see it. This blend is 60% Zin 23% Petit Verdot 17% Petit Sirah. Filled with ripe fruit and spice. This blend is so silky smooth you can’t just have one glass. It’s inviting, it’s pleasant, it’s great with grilled meat (we love grilling if you can’t tell!). I couldn’t quite figure out what I was tasting until I read the tasting notes: pomegranate! Swirling around in your mouth allowing a little air to enter, chocolate covered pomegranate can be detected on the finish. Now who doesn’t want that in a wine? 

Turn up the a/c, toss some meat on the grill and crack open a bottle of Motto wines. You won’t be disappointed! Added bonus, Total Wine carries these wines for $9.99. 


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