Rose All Day, Everyday

I have come to a realization. I have become somewhat of a wine snob. Now, I have prided myself on not being one for years and years. Unfortunately, it has happened to me and I can’t go back. 
Let me explain. 

My realization is that I have only become a wine snob with Rose wines. I’ll give my grandfather credit for this snobbery of mine. Every Spring and Summer he brings rose over. It is ALWAYS from Provence (that’s in France for the geographically challenged). Never Bordeaux, never from California, always Provence. There is a very good reason for that. They’re all incredible and we have yet to have a rose from Provence that wasn’t exactly what our Spring and Summer palates wanted. 
Here is a quick history blurb: Wines have been produced in the Provencal region for over 2,600 years. Rose wine now makes up more than half of the wine produced in Provence. It’s pretty incredible and there is no shortage. 
Rose from Provence has an array of characteristics. Crisp, berries, mineral, floral and dry and sweet. They can also made from a variety of different grapes (Pinot, merlot, cab, etc) which contribute to the wines character. Why do I love wine from Provence? The color. I love the pale pink rose ( this just means less contact with the skin). I love the dry crispness these wines have to offer. The dried fruit, freshness. The memories the wines have for me. 
It’s no secret I’m a lover of all things Costco, especially the wines. Every time my husband and I go to Costco for cat litter and cheese (I know bizarre items to buy together in bulk) we always check out the wine aisle. They seem to regularly have new Kirkland wines. We have our go to’s, but always take the opportunity to try new ones. On our last trip we spotted for the first time ever, Kirkland Rose from…. Provence. I had to buy a few bottles. It’s rare we have had a Kirkland wine that wasn’t good. 
Fast forward to the taste test! First this rose is pale pink just how my grandmother and I like it. She generally likes anything pink, including one time having a pink car and pink shutters on her house. There is a subtle fruit aroma of berries on the nose. As I took the first sip, I was welcomed with dried strawberry. My husband and I don’t agree on that, but as I like to remind people, everyone’s palate is different. He got dried cranberries. Now, this is not a sweet wine at all. Which is why we like it. It’s a true Provençal rose without the steep price tag–$10.99 
Summer may not technically be here yet, but it sure feels like it outside and that calls for rose evenings! Head to Costco and grab whatever your favorite bulk items are and make sure to get a few bottles of this fantastic Provençal rose. 


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