Rose in a BIG Way!

alison big roseI have written about the fact that I am openly a snob about Rose wine. Rose from Provence is all I will drink…. until recently. Trader Joe’s has this power over me. Anything new prominently (brilliantly) displayed I buy. I can’t help it. They’re advertising/marketing people are brilliant.

In a recent visit to TJ’s to pick up some Rose to take over to my Aunt and Uncle’s for dinner, my eyes were immediately drawn to the MASSIVE bottle of Rose they had displayed. I looked at the label to see if it was from Provence. Sadly, it was from the Languedoc. Side note: there is nothing wrong with wines from the Languedoc. I kept walking through the store, grabbing my go to Rose. While waiting in line right next to me is the BIG Rose. This is how TJ’s gets you. Items placed in the check out line where most of my impulsive purchases happen. The price tag was $12.99 for a 1.5L bottle (2 bottles in 1). I decided to ignore the snobbery and buy it.

Fast forward to my Aunt and Uncle’s. First of all, a big bottle of Rose in the summer is going to be a hit no matter where it comes from. Nervous about the wine and if I’d just wasted $12.99 on a huge bottle of Rose, we cracked it open. To all of our delight it was more than just drinkable. It was pleasant, refreshing, slightly dry and full of wonderful Rose flavor.

Cuvée Sainte – Helene is a blend of Grenache and Syrah. Pale in color (which is how I prefer my Rose, less time in contact with the skin) with wonderful bouquet of berries and spice. Dry berries on the palate with a subtle note of rhubarb. I know that may seem strange, but recently I have been picking up on that particular characteristic of some Rose.

This is the perfect Rose for the summer. It is a great wine to bring to a friends house and enjoy outside on a nice summer evening. I HIGHLY recommend purchasing this ASAP, as TJ’s is known for having great items and running out.


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